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What You Should Know About Industrial Strength Epoxy Adhesive

What You Should Know About Industrial Strength Epoxy Adhesive

Choosing the right industrial strength epoxy adhesive can be a tricky task for manufacturers that are not familiar with such adhesive solutions. Just so you know, conventional adhesives cannot take the place of this type of adhesives. Failure to use the right adhesives for industrial applications can turn out to be pretty expensive at the end of the day.

So, what considerations should be made to enable you pick the right industrial strength epoxy adhesive for your industrial application?

This post will be covering the above question for you in diverse angles for easy comprehension. Let’s begin with what you need to know;

Consider Compatibility

Compatibility is more important than many people can imagine when it comes to applying industrial strength epoxy adhesives. Before you can choose the right adhesive for industrial applications, you need to ascertain their compatibility with the material you are bonding.

The bond formed when two substrates are joined together cannot be strong if the materials are not compatible with the industrial strength epoxy adhesive. So, before you go any further on settling for an industrial adhesive, first confirm if the solution is designed to work fine for your industrial project.


Consider Surrounding Conditions

The surrounding conditions can also affect the quality of the bonded area on two substrates. This is why it should be taken seriously when considering the right industrial strength epoxy adhesive.

Things like UV exposure, moisture content, ambient temperature, contact with chemicals like acids and detergents can impact the quality of the bond formed. Therefore, you need to compare these things one after the other with your preferred industrial strength epoxy adhesive.

If you suspect that your choice of industrial adhesive may have issues with any of the above surrounding conditions, you may want to consider using another adhesive.

The more likely an adhesive can work well in these surrounding conditions, the better will be the quality of the bond produced.


Consider Stress

After using industrial strength epoxy adhesive for an industrial project, the bond will not remain isolated. Rather, it will be subject to a certain amount of stress as long as the material is being used for one purpose or another.

You should be able to estimate the level of stress the material will be put under, and check if the industrial strength epoxy adhesive has what it takes to match that stress.

Using any adhesive that cannot produce the bond that can equal that stress will only ruin the said application eventually.


Temporary or Fixed Bonds

The factors to consider when choosing the right industrial strength epoxy adhesive are numerous, including whether the bond will be fixed or temporary.

In other words, you need to confirm if those parts you are bonding will be detached anytime soon. You need to confirm that before settling for any industrial strength epoxy adhesive.

If the parts will be detached, then that means you need an adhesive that can be easily dissolved. Otherwise, a bond that forms once and for all is what will be preferred.

In summary, don’t use a permanent bond former where you need temporary bonds. That will not be good for the quality of the product.


Curing Time

This is of extreme significance that you cannot overlook it. The amount of time required for a bond to set is what will determine the kind of industrial strength epoxy adhesive you should use on certain industrial applications.

Generally, 2-component adhesives are much faster because they require a short period to cure or set compared to single component adhesives.

This should be taken seriously because it will affect the time for assembling the products. And you know that will translate to product efficiency.


Complying with Standards

Every industrial project has standards that need to be followed. You cannot use an industrial strength epoxy adhesive that falls short of the expected standard considering the parts you intend to assemble.

This is too important to be ignored. Anything you are doing, compliance with regulatory standards should be the starting point.

If an adhesive cannot meet the required standards, then it is not fit for that project. That means you need to look for something else for that project.


Consider Reliability

The best industrial strength epoxy adhesives are reliable and strong. Industrial bonds are expected to last a long time and not fail unexpectedly.

Depending on the type of industrial application, their failure can bring about devastating consequences for users.

So, before you choose any industrial strength epoxy adhesive, first check if it can deliver reliable bonds that can last the test of time. The more reliable the adhesive is, the more cost-effective that solution will be because customers won’t need to bond that thing again.

You can choose from the numerous reliable industrial strength epoxy adhesives in the market for your choice of industrial application.


Consider the Cost of the adhesive

I am sure you already know this but I am still going to bring it to your knowledge. Cost should also be factored in when considering the right industrial strength epoxy adhesive.

By the way, this is not a plea for you patronize the cheapest adhesive solution. Just because something is cheap does not mean it is the best option for that industrial application.

You should be able to check cost carefully and see that you are not compromising quality in the process. That is how you can get good value for your money, regardless of how cost-effective it may be.

Final Words

Not all industrial strength epoxy adhesives may be right for the kind of industrial project you are working on. You need an adhesive solution that is perfect for whatever you are doing. Interestingly, the tips explained above will help you get the best of that industrial application. Have these tips at the back of your mind when next you go in search of a reliable industrial strength epoxy adhesive. And always remember never to sacrifice quality for anything in this industry.

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