Electric Car Assembly

Electric Car Assembly Application of DeepMaterial Adhesive Products

Structural Adhesives for EV Batteries and Electric Car
Not limited by mechanical fasteners. Let your engineers know that our line of structural adhesives supports you so you can design the next generation of electric vehicles.

· Liftgate
· Trunk Lid
· Door
· Hood
· Spoiler
· Bumper
· Battery Cells
· Lithium-ion Battery Assembly
· Lead-acid Battery Assembly

Advantages of using adhesives
Replacing fasteners with adhesive solutions can help extend component life through the excellent environmental resistance of adhesively bonded components. Polyurethane and acrylic adhesives bond dissimilar materials, making plastics and composites easier to use for everything from liftgates to battery assemblies. Therefore, the adhesive helps to reduce the weight of the vehicle.

Adhesive for battery case assembly
Whether you need structural integrity or improved thermal bonding, these products allow for design flexibility and the ability to bond a variety of substrates. We have a variety of thermally conductive and non-thermally conductive adhesives. When used with battery compartment lids, the adhesive can be used to seal and attach the lid to the case. Adhesives are often used to replace traditional mechanical fasteners, thereby reducing the weight of battery packs and often resulting in longer range.

Composite and plastic bonding
Our adhesives are suitable for a wide variety of materials and substrates that can bond metals, plastics and composite lightweight materials. For unmatched bonding performance on metals, our adhesives are compatible with electrophoresis and powder coating processes.

Hemmed Flange Closure Panel Bonding
Deepmaterial two-part acrylic adhesives are an excellent choice for customers looking for high dimensional stability of closed panels through low temperature curing. Our adhesives can simplify your manufacturing process by eliminating or reducing process steps, resulting in significant cost savings through reduced energy consumption and labor.

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