DeepMaterial Industrial Adhesive Pruducts

DeepMaterial, as an industrial epoxy adhesive manufacturer, we do lost of research about underfill epoxy, non conductive glue for electronics, non conductive epoxy, adhesives for electronic assembly, underfill adhesive, high refractive index epoxy. Base on that, we have the latest technology of industrial epoxy adhesive.

DeepMaterial has developed industrial adhesives for chip packaging and testing, circuit board-level adhe- sives, and adhesives for electronic products. Based on adhesives, it has developed protective films, semiconductor fillers, and packaging materials for semiconductor wafer processing and chip packaging and testing.

To provide electronic adhesives and thin-film electronic application materials products and solutions for communication terminal companies, consumer electronics companies, semiconductor packaging and testing companies, and communication equipment manufacturers,to solve the above-mentioned customers in process protection, product high-precision bonding, and electrical performance.

DeepMaterial offer different kinds of products about industrial adhesive for electric, UV curing UV adhesive series, reactive type of hot melt adhesive and pressure sensitive hot melt adhesiveseries, epoxy-based chip underfill and COB encapsulation materials series, circuit board protection potting and conformal coating adhesive series, epoxy based conductive silver adhesive series, structural bonding adhesive series, functional protective film series, semiconductor protective film series.

Epoxy underfill chip level adhesives

This product is a one component heat curing epoxy with good adhesion to a wide range of materials. A classic underfill adhesive with ultra-low viscosity suitable for most underfill applications. The reusable epoxy primer is designed for CSP and BGA applications.

Conductive silver glue for chip packaging and bonding

Product Category: Conductive Silver Adhesive

Conductive silver glue products cured with high conductivity, thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and other high reliability performance. The product is suitable for high-speed dispensing, dispensing good conformability, glue point does not deform, not collapse, not spread; cured material moisture, heat, high and low temperature resistance. 80 ℃ low temperature fast curing, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

UV Moisture Dual Curing Adhesive

Acrylic glue non-flowing, UV wet dual-cure encapsulation suitable for local circuit board protection. This product is fluorescent under UV(Black). Mainly used for local protection of WLCSP and BGA on circuit boards. Organic silicone is used to protect printed circuit boards and other sensitive electronic components. It is designed to provide environmental protection. The product is typically used from -53°C to 204°C.

Low temperature curing epoxy adhesive for sensitive devices and circuit protection

This series is a one-component heat-curing epoxy resin for low temperature curing with good adhesion to a wide range of materials in a very short period of time. Typical applications include memory cards, CCD/CMOS program sets. Particularly suitable for thermosensitive components where low curing temperatures are required.

Two-component Epoxy Adhesive

The product cures at room temperature to a transparent, low shrinkage adhesive layer with excellent impact resistance. When fully cured, the epoxy resin is resistant to most chemicals and solvents and has good dimensional stability over a wide temperature range.

PUR structural adhesive

The product is a one-component damp-cured reactive polyurethane hot-melt adhesive. Used after heating for a few minutes until molten, with good initial bond strength after cooling for a few minutes at room temperature. And moderate open time, and excellent elongation, fast assembly, and other advantages. Product moisture chemical reaction curing after 24 hours is 100% content solid, and irreversible.

Epoxy Encapsulant

The product has excellent weather resistance and has good adaptability to natural environment. Excellent electrical insulation performance, can avoid the reaction between components and lines, special water repellent, can prevent components from being affected by moisture and humidity, good heat dissipation ability, can reduce the temperature of electronic components working, and prolong the service life.

Optical Glass UV Adhesion Reduction Film

DeepMaterial optical glass UV adhesion reduction film offer low birefringence, high clarity, very good heat and humidity resistance, and a broad range of colors and thicknesses. We also offer anti-glare surfaces and conductive coatings for acrylic laminated filters.

Anti-static Optical Glass Protection Film

The product is a high cleanliness anti-static protective film, the product mechanical properties and size stability, easy to tear off and tear up without leaving residual adhesive. It has good resistance to high temperature and exhaust. Suitable for material transfer, panel protection and other use scenarios.

Screen Protector

Product Category: Screen Protector

Consumer electronics display/screen protectoer
· Abrasion-resistant
· Chemical-resistant
· Scratch-resistant
· UV-resistant

LED Scribing/Turning Crystal/Reprinting Semiconductor PVC Protective Film

LED Scribing/Turning Crystal/Reprinting Semiconductor PVC Protective Film

Semiconductor Packaging & Testing UV Viscosity Reduction Special Film

The product uses PO as the surface protection material, mainly used for QFN cutting, SMD microphone substrate cutting, FR4 substrate cutting (LED).