Camera Module Assembly Application of DeepMaterial Camera module adhesive Products
In the field of electronics, adhesives are used in particular for cell phone and smartphone camera modules. This includes the bonding of individual components—such as lens-to-lens mount or lens mount-to-camera sensor—, securing camera chips to circuit boards (die attach), using adhesive as chip underfill, Low pass bond the filter and glue the assembled camera module into the device housing.

Special adhesives enable precise assembly and durable bonding of smaller camera module assemblies. The adhesive used is suitable for mass production of camera modules and cures rapidly at low temperatures.

Camera Module Assembly Adhesives
Camera modules are increasingly used in devices around us. Increased consumer demand for safety has driven the need for the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in vehicles. Smartphones are moving to two, three or even four camera systems on a single device to provide user features previously only accessible through high-end photography equipment. The proliferation of smart home devices has also introduced more cameras into our lives—smart doorbells, security systems, home hubs and even dog treat dispensers now feature cameras for live streaming. Due to the need to further miniaturize camera components and improve reliability, camera module manufacturers are increasingly demanding assembly materials. Chemence’s portfolio of UV and dual-cure adhesives is designed to meet manufacturers’ needs for most applications, including FPC reinforcement, image sensor bonding, IR filter bonding, lens bonding and lens barrel mounting, VCM assembly and even Active alignment.

Active Alignment
The need to provide high-quality image capabilities requires very accurate and reliable camera module placement and fixation solutions. Deepmaterial dual-cure adhesive for active alignment assembly. Our UV and heat cure adhesives provide easy dispensing, super fast setting and reliable heat cure in shaded areas. Each active alignment product provides excellent adhesion to critical substrates with very low outgassing and shrinkage characteristics, ensuring long-term component reliability.

Lens Bonding
Lens bonding and lens barrel bonding require adhesives with highly specialized performance characteristics. Precision substrates dictate that low temperature processing is critical to minimize substrate distortion. Additionally, a high thixotropic index and low outgassing are critical to ensure that the adhesive does not migrate to unwanted areas and contaminate components. In addition to providing excellent adhesion to substrates such as LCP and PA and enhanced shock absorption and impact resistance, Deepmaterial lens bonding adhesives also meet these performance requirements.

FPC Ruggedization
Camera modules are often connected to their final assembly via a flexible printed circuit (FPC). In addition to excellent peel resistance, flexibility, and water resistance, Deepmaterial UV-curable adhesives provide excellent adhesion to FPC substrates such as polyimide and polyester.

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