Smart Speaker Assembly

Smart Speaker Assembly Application of DeepMaterial Adhesive Products

Adhesive for smart speaker assembly
Today, speakers are an electronic device in every consumer device. In addition to the home entertainment market for traditional speakers, Bluetooth speakers, and surround sound systems, they are also used in airplanes and cars in various sizes.

In addition to designing great products, efficient production is critical for speaker manufacturers to stay ahead of the competition. Adhesives play an important role in this, but their potential to improve productivity has not yet been fully realized.

Light-curing adhesives can help speaker manufacturers improve efficiency. While high strength, complete transparency, electrical conductivity or good sealing properties are often one of the most important properties of an adhesive, when it comes to loudspeakers, sound is what counts. Their sound quality can be improved by adjusting the flexibility of the adhesive to provide optimal vibration damping, especially for the moving parts of the speaker. Flexibility and strength are required to protect speakers from damage caused by shock, shock or strong vibrations.

For basic speakers, adhesives are used in pretty much everything from small dust caps to magnets and T-yorks. Generally speaking, a total solution for speaker assembly may include:
· gasket ring to surround
· Voice coil wire termination
· Cone to Dust Cap to Voice Coil
· Cone wraps around to chassis/frame
· Cone Surround
· spider to chassis/frame
· voice coil to voice coil
· Top Plate to Chassis
· Magnet and Plate Assembly

Unique solutions for specific applications:
Voice coil winding: low osmotic viscosity is required for good coverage and good sound quality
Wire Nails: Use our instant adhesive to secure cables/wires to the cone

Speakers are complex assemblies that rely heavily on adhesive technology to join multiple parts together. Significant changes in substrate combinations, geometries and performance standards require the use of a wide range of adhesive technologies. Deepmaterial can well provide a solution for all loudspeaker applications.