Smart Watch Assembly

Smart Watch Assembly Application of DeepMaterial Adhesive Products

Smart Watch, Fitness tracker & Wristbands Adhesive
Unobtrusive smart watches worn on the wrist are an increasingly important feature of everyday life. They record physical activity and health-related data that can be collected and assessed through the app. The integration of modern electronics into these smart wristbands opens the way for many possible applications. Fitness trackers are subject to many external influences and are made of high-quality components. This must be taken into account during the design phase.

Smart Watch Components and Adhesive Applications
The most important components in a smart watch tracker are the numerous sensors used to record various data. Sensors (optical sensor technology) for position, motion, temperature or heart rate are integrated within the wristband or on the surface in contact with the skin. Additionally, many fitness trackers have the option of alerting the wearer to specific events via vibration. Information can be displayed via display units such as status LEDs or mini-displays. The other components of a fitness tracker are the processor module, network module and battery.

All components are fully integrated into the wristband and the final product should be something comfortable to wear. Adhesive solutions are often used for the assembly of these components. Below you’ll find an overview of the most common applications for smart watches, fitness trackers and wristbands:

Lens mounting
Battery mounting
Sensor mounting
Heat pipe mounting
FPCs mounting
PCBs mounting
Speaker mesh mounting
Deco/Logo mounting
Button fixation
Display lamination
Shielding and grounding