Magnetic Iron Bonding

How to bond magnets
There are a variety of adhesive types that bond magnets. The features and benefits of each type are listed below. Permanent magnets are made from hard ferromagnetic materials. Magnet types vary in strength, cost, temperature and corrosion resistance. Typical magnet types include neodymium, rare-earth, samarium cobalt, AINiCo, and ferrites. All of these magnet types can usually be bonded as received but for highest strength or if the surface is contaminated cleaning with isopropanol is recommended.

Epoxy adhesives – one and two component epoxy adhesives form strong resistant bonds to various types of magnets. Ask DeepMaterial about specialty high-temperature motor magnet bonding adhesives for Class H motors.

Structural acrylic adhesives – surface activated acrylic adhesives are often preferred for high-speed motor production due to the very fast set times. Alternatively, two component external mix systems are available for a one step process.

The adhesive is applied to one surface, and the initiator is brushed or sprayed onto the other surface. Upon assembly, strength development
occurs rapidly.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives offer high strength bonds which are formed very quickly. Should you require high impact strength or resistance to polar solvents, epoxy or structural acrylic adhesive would be preferred.

DeepMaterial adhesive for magnet bonding
Over the past few years, we have designed, built and integrated advanced equipment solutions for our customers. From water-thin liquids to high-viscosity pastes, DeepMaterial equipment is capable of dispensing and curing a wide variety of adhesives, sealants and other industrial fluids like acrylics, anaerobics, cyanoacrylates and epoxies.

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With our high-quality equipment system solutions, we offer a complete line, comprehensive testing and global on-site engineering support to assist with consultation, repairs, joint product development, custom designs and more to fit our customers’ magnet bonding needs.

DeepMaterial bonding adhesive which has a service temperature up to resist 195-390 degrees F (90-200C).

If your bonding need to higher temperature resistance, please contact us, the DeepMaterial expert will give you a suitable solution.