Semiconductor Protective Film

Semiconductor device fabrication begins with the deposition of extremely thin films of material on silicon wafers. These films are deposited one atomic layer at a time using a process called vapor deposition. Accurate measurements of these thin films and the conditions used to create them are becoming evermore critical as semiconductor devices such as those found in computer chips shrink. DeepMaterial partnered with chemical suppliers, deposition process tool manufacturers and others in industry to develop an advanced thin film deposition monitoring and data analysis scheme that provides a much-improved view of the systems and chemicals that form these ultrathin films.

DeepMaterial provides this industry with essential measurement and data tools that help identify optimal manufacturing conditions. Vapor deposition thin film growth depends on controlled delivery of chemical precursors to the silicon wafer surface.

Semiconductor equipment manufacturers use DeepMaterial measurement methods and data analysis to improve their systems for optimal vapor deposition film growth. For example, DeepMaterial developed an optical system that monitors film growth in realtime, with significantly higher sensitivity compared with traditional approaches. With better monitoring systems, semiconductor manufacturers can more confidently explore the use of new chemical precursors and how layers of different films react with each other. The result is better “recipes” for films with the ideal properties.

Semiconductor Packaging & Testing UV Viscosity Reduction Special Film

The product uses PO as the surface protection material, mainly used for QFN cutting, SMD microphone substrate cutting, FR4 substrate cutting (LED).

LED Scribing/Turning Crystal/Reprinting Semiconductor PVC Protective Film

LED Scribing/Turning Crystal/Reprinting Semiconductor PVC Protective Film