Case In Japan: Advantages Of DeepMaterial UV Curable System

In Japan, the high-tech companies deal with lots of small electronic components, the bonding is the most important part of assembly line. Some of these Japanese companies use our DeepMaterial Multipurpose UV Curing Adhesive to process the small electronic components bonding.

UV LED curing systems are being rapidly adopted for curing adhesives in factory assembly lines throughout the world. Low operating costs, long lifetime, and low maintenance are just a few of the reasons.

UV LED curing solutions are being utilized for curing adhesives because they offer lower operating costs, enhanced system capabilities due to being a solid-state device, and environmental benefits of safer workplace environment. Adhesives for high-volume industrial processes must maintain process control to meet rigorous end-user demands. UV adhesive curing applications include: electronics, medical, pressure-sensitive films, and many other manufacturing processes.

Advantages of DeepMaterial UV Curable System
DeepMaterial bond fast curing, single component UV curable adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting and encapsulation compounds speed productivity and efficiency. They offer excellent adhesion to glass, metals, ceramics, rubber and most plastics.

Advantages of DeepMaterial bond UV Curable Compounds
· Extremely fast processing time
· Formulated in rigid, semi-flexible and flexible grades
· Available in syringe applicators
· Environmentally safe, no emittance of volatiles or vapors
· Prolonged storage at room temperatures

Features and Properties of DeepMaterial Multipurpose UV Curing Adhesive
As with all products in the DeepMaterial Multipurpose UV Curing Adhesive series, specific grades vary in viscosity, hardness, thermal and electrical properties, but can be customized to fit your application needs.

Free radical and cationic UV curing systems are available for use. They contain a variety of oligomers, monomers, additives and photoinitiators. These liquid blends polymerize when exposed to the proper wavelength/intensity of UV light. In many cases cure speed is in seconds to several minutes and the adhesive can be employed for exact positioning. These cure on demand formulations require no heat and shorten customer lead times, improving their competitiveness/profitability in the marketplace.

From disk drives to semiconductor manufacturing to automotive electronics to displays to printed circuit boards our comprehensive line of UV curing epoxies, acrylates, urethanes are leading the way in reducing labor/assembly costs. These products can be conveniently dispensed manually/automatically and require little manufacturing space. DeepMaterial Multipurpose UV Curing Adhesive series exhibit excellent thermal stability, low shrinkage, optical clarity, resistance to thermal cycling, chemicals, moisture, solvents while meeting safety, health and ecological concerns. Special grades have secondary heat cure mechanisms for shadowed out areas and nanosilica fillers for enhanced performance.

Rigid UV and Dual Curing Adhesives
Rigid light curing products cure on demand for precise alignment between substrates requiring exact positioning. They feature good wetting properties and high optical clarity. UV curable hardcoats guard clear plastic substrates such as polycarbonates, polymethylmethacrylates from scratching, common chemicals, staining. They are employed on automotive headlights, touchscreen displays and safety glasses. Nanosilica filled UV curing and dual UV/heat cure products have been developed for advanced performance requirements. It is important to note that dual cure products will cure effectively in “shadowed out” areas with moderate heat exposure.

Fluorescent UV Curable Compounds
Specific grades containing a blue fluorescing agent can be employed to improve quality control. Cured UV curing products can be inspected using a “black light”. They are often used for positive identification/authentication. This can be addressed manually. The blue fluorescing agent contrasts well with multiple substrate/components and enables easy inspection even for deep curing materials. A limited quantity of the fluorescent agent is added and performance/processing characteristics including depth of cure are unaffected by their addition. Electro optic automatic devices have enabled increased design complexity and recognition of voids that can be harmful in bonding/conformal coating applications. The “glow” from the fluorescence of UV cured systems has been essential in enhancement of processing speeds, in ensuring reliability, eliminating any defects while meeting target specifications. Upon request, blue fluorescing agents can be incorporated into other DeepMaterial Multipurpose UV Curing Adhesive products.

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