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DeepMaterial will create a brighter future through chemistry with global partners

Harnessing the power of chemistry and the technology, behind to cteate something new. We exploit our accumulated synthesis technology to globally develop unique products such as various backbone special epoxy resins and functional acrylic polymers.

We provide a wide range of products that support innovation using advanced formulation technology that gets the most out of the materials. We provide our customers with solutions quickly and on-demand by using experience with fermentation that we have developed over many years and our vast library of actinomycete-based enzymes.

DeepMaterial is polyurethane reactive PUR hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive manufacturer and supplier,manufacturing one component epoxy underfill adhesives,hot melt adhesives glue,uv curing adhesives,high refractive index optical adhesive,magnet bonding adhesives,best top waterproof structural adhesive glue for plastic to metal and glass,electronic adhesives glue for electric motor and micro motors in home appliance

DeepMaterial is best top waterproof structural adhesive glue for plastic to metal and glass manufacturer,supply non conductive epoxy adhesive sealant glue for underfill pcb electronic components,semiconductor adhesives for electronic assembly,low temperature cure bga flip chip underfill pcb epoxy process adhesive glue material and so on

Case In USA

American Partner’s Chip Underfill Solution

Case In Japan

Advantages Of DeepMaterial UV Curable System

Case In Canada

Build Stronger, Lighter Products With DeepMaterial Structural Adhesives

Case In Germany

DeepMaterial Adhesive For Motor Magnetic Bonding


Mini Vibration Motor Mounting Adhesive Glue

Case In Korea

Uses of PCB Adhesive Glue On Electronics

Case In Turkey

The Simple Way To bond Inductors

Case In Vietnam

Adhesives For Laptop & Tablet Manufacture

Case In Russia

New Adhesives and Sealants Help Meet Appliance Assembly Challenges

Case In India

Adhesives For Smart Phone And Mobile Devices Assembly