Industrial Adhesive Applications

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Deepmaterial provide electronic adhesives and thin-film electronic application materials products and solutions for communication terminal companies, consumer electronics companies, semiconductor packaging and testing companies, and communication equipment manufacturers,to solve the above-mentioned customers in process protection, product high-precision bonding, and electrical performance. Domestic substitution demand for protection, optical protection, etc.

Overview of applications for adhesives
Industrial adhesives have many applications. This is reflected in Deepmaterial’s product range of adhesives, which offers the perfect solution for every bonding application.

The main fields of application are:

Smart Phone Assembly

Power Bank Assembly

Laptop & Tablet Assembly

Camera Module Bonding

Chip Underfill / Packaging

Consumer Electronics Assembly

Smart Watch Assembly

Display Screen Assembly

Household Appliance Assembly

Bluetooth Headset Bonding

Electric Car Assembly

Electronic Cigarette Assembly

Smart Speaker Assembly

Smart Glasses Assembly

Photovoltaic Wind Energy

Mini Vibration Motor Bonding

Magnetic Iron Bonding

Inductor Bonding

Every day, our customers rely on us to provide innovative solutions to improve the overall performance of their products. Deepmaterial’s proven expertise and industry leadership allow us to develop cutting-edge technologies and proven solutions that deliver results across a wide range of markets. Through continuous research in these areas, we are continually developing innovative process improvements to deliver the results you need.

We work hard to improve your products and optimize your production processes.

Deepmaterial not only offers a wide range of industrial adhesives, but also a comprehensive adhesive consulting service, taking specific customer needs into consideration. Our adhesive application engineers consult companies with their individual requirements and support them in finding the perfect pressure-sensitive tape solution for their application and process.

The Best Adhesives for Electronics
In today’s world of electronics, the goal is to ensure that expectations of end-users are met without any compromise. Manufacturers of these appliances/devices are doing everything possible to ensure they are using the best materials. A typical example is adhesives.

In case you don’t know, the roles of adhesives in electronical components can hardly be ignored or overemphasized. For instance, they are perfect for attaching parts like heat sinks, packages, substrates, components, and semi-conductor die. Generally speaking, adhesives are used for bonding of surface-mount components, potting and wire tacking.

What You Are About To Discover
The major aim of this post is to reveal some of the best types of adhesives that are used in manufacturing electronics. In the end, you will see why DeepMaterial is one of the most reputable and trusted companies to get such items from.

UV Curing Adhesives
These can also be referred to as light curing adhesive. In this case, the process is initiated through UV light. It can also happen via other radiation sources. The permanent bond usually forms without heat being applied. UV curing adhesives contain a component known as “photochemical promoter”. After being hit by UV light, it (the promoter) will then degrade into free radicals. Some uses of UV curing adhesives with regard to electronics are encapsulating, masking, gasketing, potting, component marking, bonding and assembling.

Conformal Coating Adhesives
These types of adhesives are very useful. For instance, they tend to offer maximum protection to electronic circuits from environments that may seem harsh. It could be due to high humidity, vary temperatures and airborne contaminants. Conformal coatings are usually of various types like parylene (XY), silicone resin (SR), acrylic resin (AR), epoxy resin (ER), and urethane resin (UR).

Structural Bonding Adhesives
These adhesives are useful when it comes to holding substrates together. It could be two or even more substrates which are under stress. In a nutshell, their primary role is to bond joints. In most cases, the joints are very important to the overall function as well as structure of a product. Any failure can prove to be disastrous. Structural bonding adhesives tend to prevent such from happening.

How to Get All of These Adhesives
It is one thing to buy adhesives. However, it is something entirely different that they serve their purposes. DeepMaterial is the right place to purchase adhesives of premium quality. These are used by top electronics manufacturers from various parts of the world. For years, we have managed to put together some of the best products and solutions like Glass fiber adhesive, BGA package under fill, and more. Our products can be used for different range of applications such as smartphones, home appliances, consumer electronics, and laptops.

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Our application center experts assist companies around the world to optimize production processes and improve the performance and appearance of their products.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to traditional joining techniques such as screws, rivets, or liquid glue, or you’re having trouble finding the ideal adhesive for your specific application, our adhesive consultants can help Provide the right advice and expertise. Learn from our team how to find effective adhesive solutions for a variety of adhesive applications such as gluing, masking, packaging, fastening, repairing, marking, protecting and bundling.

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