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What Is Silicone Conformal Coating For PCB

What Is Silicone Conformal Coating For PCB

The electronic circuitry can be damaged by corrosion if there is a continuous condensing water layer. A few dissolved ions are all it takes for electrochemical reactions to begin, corroding metals on the board or creating electrical leaks between conductors. To extend the life of electronics, protective coatings are important. Silicone conformal coatings are some of the most effective in offering much-needed protection.

Silicone applies to industrial applications and situations because of its reliability and benefits. If you have been looking for the best printed circuit board protection, silicone conformal coating is what you should be considering.

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The properties 

Good adhesion and wetting attainment are crucial when looking for protection for underlying circuitry and metallic surfaces. Cured silicone offers the needed protection on modules and electronic devices as it eliminates water. Even though water vapor in humid applications can permeate your interface, no ill effects will be realized when silicone coating is in place. The good silicone adhesion eliminates gaps that allow water to condense. The properties that make silicone coatings a popular choice include its:

  • Moisture resistance
  • Contaminant protective
  • Transparent and low toxicity
  • Excellent high-temperature performance
  • Easy application
  • Impressive chemical stability, including ozone and UV degrading
  • Light transmission abilities

The benefits 

Conformal coatings that are silicone-based tend to be abrasion-resistant, soft, or tough materials, depending on their formulation. You will find the coatings in solid, solvent-based formulations, with the solids requiring heat, UV, or moisture to cure. Removing the coatings calls for chemical strippers, but what are the advantages of conformal coatings made from silicone?

Wide temperature range stability. Silicone is largely recognized and chosen because of its benefits. The fact that it can withstand high temperatures even during temperature cycling makes it very reliable. The range is from -40 degrees to about 200 degrees Celsius, which is quite impressive compared to the other coating types.

Flexibility. The flexibility of silicone coating makes it suitable for providing impact and dampening protection. The material is supple and easily conforms as needed on different applications.

Low surface energy. Low surface energy is important for better wetting. This is an advantage you stand to enjoy when you choose silicone conformal coatings.

Exceptional moisture resistance. When done properly, you will not need to worry about moisture damage as the coating provides reliable corrosion and moisture resistance.

High dielectric strength. This means that the material withstands high electrical fields with no conduction possibilities. It, in return, protects the devices from electrical shorts, static discharge, and high voltage arcing.

The application 

In conformal coatings, different methods of application are used. For silicone coatings, the most commonly used are:

Dipping can be manual or automated. This method uses robotic arms to hold the devices, lowering and dipping them into a silicone coating-filled tank. Each dip offers consistent thickness, and the technique is most suitable for high-volume productions.

Spraying is the other application method that you can use with silicone coatings. You can use a spray gun or aerosol to apply, and it is a method suitable for large volumes since it is quick and easy to repeat.

Best silicone epoxy adhesive glue for electronics components PCB circuit board metal to plastic
Best silicone epoxy adhesive glue for electronics components PCB circuit board metal to plastic

You can also use brushing to apply silicone coatings. The operator brushes the coating and allows it to flow over the board. This method suits repair reworks, and low-volume runs.

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