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VCM voice coil motor camera module assembly bonding adhesive glue choices

VCM voice coil motor camera module assembly bonding adhesive glue choices

Cameras are everyday devices in the modern world, and they come in modules, either auto or fixed focus. When using a camera, most people do not think about the components used in the assembling; all they need are quality, effectively working cameras. However, assembling the camera is critical for the manufacturers, and utmost attention is needed to achieve the desired results. As advanced image capturing becomes essential, the latest modules require different materials to be assembled to meet performance requirements.

Camera designers need adhesive technologies which can offer flexibility in designing the modules and the sensors. There is also a need to choose adhesives that improve camera performance and increase productivity and, at the same time, remain reliable for all critical applications. Some camera adhesive choices you will require to consider as a camera designer are highlighted below.

Best Top Electronics Adhesive Glue Manufacturers In China
Best Top Electronics Adhesive Glue Manufacturers In China

Active alignment adhesive – the adhesive, in this case, should be a dual cure to offer precise camera alignment. It should be suitable for auto and fixed focus modules, offer flexible options, have natural light blocking, and be suitable for fine-line printing.

Adhesive for barrel lock – this adhesive will help secure the lens barrel to the camera frame. It should therefore be high in adhesion strength, offer low-temperature curing so that stress is reduced, and have excellent moisture resistance levels.

Wirebond adhesive – it will help protect the wirebond through low-stress encapsulation. The adhesive you choose should have outstanding workability; those with a high thixotropic index are great for minimizing flow. The adhesive also needs to offer excellent moisture protection.

IR filter bonding adhesive – the IR filter needs low-stress adhesive to bond to the substrate. The camera adhesive you choose should have high adhesion strength for different materials, including LCP and PC, and a dual cure option, so you have the flexibility of either UV curing or thermal curing the bond. An adhesive with high UV cursive depth and low-temperature cure will prove very convenient in camera assembly.

Bracket fill epoxy – this camera adhesive helps fill gaps between the side and the bracket. The most suitable is an adhesive with low viscosity to allow high flow into narrow gaps, a low-temperature cure to minimize stress, and a controlled modulus to offer reliability.

Materials for bottom stiffener – the bottom stiffener requires to be connected to a camera module; for this, you will need grounding and conductive adhesives. Non-conductive adhesives should have excellent moisture resistance and low-temperature curing to offer high reliability and reduce stress, respectively. High jet dispensability and low-temperature curing are essential for the conductive adhesives for high-volume production lines. The adhesives should also be moisture-resistant.

Image sensor underfill – underfill is essential in supporting the camera and its components during vibration and shock situations. Your camera adhesive, in this case, should have high UPH and the capability to control flow through narrow gaps. Moisture resistance and excellent workability are also important properties, and so is high accuracy with jet dispensing.

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Getting the right adhesives for assembling cameras can seem complicated. But with a reliable adhesive expert like DeepMaterial, nothing is complicated. The company boasts high-quality adhesives and experts to help you get the most suitable adhesive solutions for all applications.

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