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Trusted by manufacturing experts: How PUR Structural Adhesive can help your manufacturing business

Trusted by manufacturing experts: How PUR Structural Adhesive can help your manufacturing business

Manufacturing experts rely on the special benefits of PUR structural adhesives to achieve durable bonds. PUR structural adhesives are being used increasingly in the industry – from home repairs and DIYs to high-volume product assemblies. Its wide application is because it provides a wide range of properties that caters to the needs of numerous users. PUR structural glues are quick-setting, non-toxic, and offer amazing weather and temperature resistance. They are also affordable at various requirement volumes.

The origin of PUR structural adhesives

PUR glues were first made in Switzerland in the 1980s and have grown from Europe to many parts of the world. Made from Polyurethane, it is composed of a chain of polymers (held together with urethane) that have the same chemical properties. This glue needs a chemical reaction to occur before it produces its strong bond. It usually needs about 24 hours to cure fully.


PUR structural adhesives for manufacturing: Some important characteristics

Polyurethane-based adhesives (PUR glues) are important to manufacturers because of the wide range of properties that they offer. These include:

  • They are known for their long-lasting and highly strong bonds.
  • They are very flexible and can be adapted to numerous uses. They can be used in their rubbery form or made to stay hard.
  • This line of glues can be used both outdoors and indoors because they can handle very wide temperature ranges.
  • They cure very fast which makes this glue great for increasing daily throughput.
  • They create bonds of high quality with materials that do not readily bond with other materials. They can be used to bond non-porous materials. In addition, PUR adhesives will work easily with dissimilar materials.
  • You do not need an excess amount of adhesive to create a strong bond – this means that you will waste a lesser amount when applying the product.
  • PUR adhesives can be used very easily without any complicated usage methodologies. You do not need to measure or mix to use the glue.
  • PUR helps manufacturers with their product assembly lines because it cures fast and can be used easily. This way, it increases the speed of production – which leads to considerable labour cost savings.
  • As soon as it sets, the adhesive can be painted and/or sanded, which means that it will neither curl nor shrink.


Applications of PUR structural adhesives

If you have a manufacturing assembly facility, you may need PUR structural adhesives to help you join various materials together. Almost all industries rely on this non-rigid joining product to make consumer products. You can leverage the fast-curing, user-friendliness, moisture and temperature resistance of PUR glues to reduce production costs and times. Due to the various benefits of this glue, it can be applied in various industries. This includes:

Woodworking: PUR structural adhesives are used extensively by the woodworking industry. From commercial woodworking to simple DIY tasks, PUR glues provide numerous benefits. Many woodworking shops fancy the low strength and rapid-curing benefits of this adhesive. If you design materials from wood, there is a wide range of PUR glues that can help provide rigid joinery.

Product assembly: PUR adhesives are very versatile and are extensively used in assembling a wide range of products. Even when you have tough bond substrates to glue, this is the most recommended adhesive for the job. This industrial glue can be used to bond various metals, aluminium, stainless steel, PVFs, glass, woods, ceramics, and plastics. Whether your assembly line is fully-automated or just electronic, it can leverage the fast-curing property of this adhesive. It needs no measurement or drying time and will bond regardless of the presence of water or temperature changes.

Construction: The construction industry benefits from the use of PUR structural adhesives. From bonding mechanical construction materials to gluing actual construction components, this glue is indispensable to the industry. It can be applied to light metal bonding, particle boards, plastics, fabrics, foams, gaskets, and window sealants. Since this line of adhesives has quick-curing properties and is user-friendly, they can be used on shower walls, countertops, remodeling, and flooring.

Furniture and cabinet making: The cabinetry and furniture industry depends on the properties of PUR structural adhesives to bond materials together. They provide quality bonds, precision, and superior strength when applied to cabinet and furniture products. This is significantly more desirable than the expense or time of using nails and hammers.


Why your manufacturing business needs PUV structural adhesives

Many industries rely on PUR structural glues because of their superior engineering properties. However, it seems that many manufacturers are yet to fully adopt this industrial glue to enhance their product assembly lines. Polyurethane structural glues when compared to similar adhesives usually provide various advantages. Notable examples of this include:

Provides stronger bonds than many other adhesives: PUR glues have been engineered to possess the highest structural characteristics. They merely react with atmospheric moisture to form a very strong bond. This bond is structurally stronger than those of other options of adhesives such as water-based glues and so on.

Feature short learning curves: PUR glues are a breakthrough binding agent for various product assembly lines. While this adhesive may be a relatively new addition to the available glues in the marketplace, it does not need any new technology or training. They are applied and handled like every regular glue or adhesive. Since they can be applied by using regular instruments, this means there is no need to buy new equipment or organize staff training to adopt this product.

Quick bond formation: When PUR structural glues are applied to products, they do not need a long time to cure. They quickly form very high-strength bonds. This is why they are called structural adhesives. Thanks to their chemical properties, they do not need a long time to set fully. Since they provide strong bonds, you will be able to move quickly and easily through the various stages of the manufacturing process. Quick bond formation means that you will not have to worry about shifting substrates or weak bonds.

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Other advantages of PUV structural glues

PUR structural glues are currently being used in various industries and applications. This is because they have other special advantages such as:

  • Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • They can resist temperature changes
  • They are very flexible
  • They provide high-strength bonds that are very durable.

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