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The Advantages Of Electronic Potting Compound And Epoxy Potting Material

The Advantages Of Electronic Potting Compound And Epoxy Potting Material

Electronic components need protection from harmful environmental hazards and mechanical elements. Potting is among the methods to achieve the protection levels needed, even for sensitive components. In this process, liquid compounds form a thick layer over the components that need protecting, ensuring no harmful elements can find their way to the components. Potting has numerous advantages, some of which are highlighted below.

Electrical insulation – Electronic potting materials offer an additional insulation layer covering up empty spaces in the assembly. This insulation eliminates over-voltage risks and helps in the prevention or containment of fire situations where the device fails.

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best electronics adhesive manufacturer

Thermal properties – It is common for electrical components to generate heat during use, and when there is a buildup, reduced life or complete failure can be experienced. With potting done, heat is dissipated by the material used within the assembly, thus averting the lurking dangers. Additionally, flexible potting materials can also protect against thermal damage and shock from internal shrinkage when the components are exposed to very low temperatures.

Resistance to chemical corrosion and moisture – By using the most suitable potting materials, moisture and chemicals are sealed out, saving the electronic from failures and improper functioning. Potting is very helpful in components likely exposed to fuel, oils, and solvents. Potted devices can function effectively even when immersed in water with no risks.

Long-lasting performance – The other advantage of potting for electronics is long-lasting performance, as the devices face minimal damage from moisture, vibrations, and other elements that usually affect the electronics’ lifespan. Enhanced durability is also an advantage for all electronics as long as the right potting materials are selected for the systems.

The other advantages of potting for electronics is protection from hazardous environmental elements, the ability to use devices in varying field conditions, and the protection of proprietary designs, especially in the financial industry.

Epoxy potting advantages

Epoxy is one of the top materials used in potting electronics. The compound forms a rigid coating over the components, keeping them well-locked from all harm. Two-component epoxies consisting of polymer and hardener are the most popular. They require mixing to cause a chemical reaction, creating the rigid, strong, and tough coating needed.

Epoxy resin potting materials come with several advantages, including:

  • Low shrinkage
  • High-temperature tolerance
  • High tensile strength and rigidity when cured
  • Good adhesion and chemical resistance
  • Impressive moisture resistance
  • High electrical insulation

Epoxy potting compounds make good choices for most applications, especially those requiring a rigid layer for protection. However, the material has a few challenges, even with all the goodness.

Epoxy cures exothermically, meaning it generates heat during curing. This can be challenging because some electrical sensitive components risk getting damaged by the heat. It also translates into slowed curing to allow the generated internal heat to dissipate. Slowed curing, on the other hand, is not the most pleasant experience, especially for high-production lines.

The quality of your epoxy potting compounds can determine how well the protection is achieved and how well it serves the electrical components. Adhesives and resins from Deep Material offer superior quality you can trust for all applications. The experts in the company will even formulate compounds, especially for your specific requirements.

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