Silver Filled, Electrically Conductive Adhesives

The Benefits of Silver Filled Adhesives
In the realm of electrically conductive epoxies and silicone, there is nothing like silver. Not only does silver have very high electrical conductivity, it also retains its low resistance over many years, even decades. This is much more desirable than other metals that are highly conductive, such as copper, which lose their conductivity when oxidized. Not so for silver because silver oxide, unlike copper oxide, is highly conductive. Nickel is sometimes used as a conductive filler because of cost issues but realistically, it is best suited for shielding applications. And nickel will oxidize as well. Graphite is sometimes needed as a conductor because of magnetic considerations. But it isn’t nearly as conductive as silver although it retains its limited conductivity rather well. Finally, there is gold. On the positive side, it is highly conductive and doesn’t oxidize, but the cost makes it almost prohibitive. With conductive epoxies and silicones, there is nothing like silver.

One and two component, silver filled, electrically conductive compounds feature low volume resistivity and high reliability. They offer excellent physical strength properties, superior substrate adhesion and uniform electrical conductivity. They are often used as replacements for solder.

Advanced Properties of Master Bond Silver Filled Adhesive Systems
Master Bond silver filled adhesives are designed to meet specific performance requirements. Certain grades offer:
DeepMaterial epoxy based conductive silver adhesives are designed to meet specific performance requirements. Certain grades offer:

· Serviceability at high and low temperatures
· Low stress
· High shear and peel strength
· Resistance to thermal cycling
· Low outgassing
· USP Class VI approval

Applications of Silver Filled, Electrically Conductive Systems
These products are commonly employed in the automotive, medical, appliance, electronic, electrical, microwave, aerospace and electro-optic industries. Specific applications include:

· Die attach
· SMD attach
· EMI/RFI shielding
· Grounding
· Solder replacement
· Flip chip attachments
· PCB repair

DeepMaterial Conductive silver adhesive is a one-component modified epoxy/silicone adhesive developed for the integrated circuit packaging and LED new light sources, flexible circuit board (FPC) industries. After curing, the product has high electric conductivity, heat conduction, high temperature resistance and other high reliable perfor- mance. The product is suitable for high-speed dispensing, dispensing good type protection, no deformation, no collapse, no diffusion; The cured material is resistant to moisture, heat and high temperature. Can be used for crystal packaging, chip packaging, LED solid crystal bonding, low temperature welding, FPC shielding and other purposes.

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