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Optical bonding adhesive options and benefits

Optical bonding adhesive options and benefits

Optical bonding is where protective glass gets glued on a display to make it readable when installed in humid outdoor environments. If you were to use normal displays outdoors, many factors end up affecting readability. The common issues are condensation and fog within the display’s inner surfaces. The other factor is sun reflection causing mirror images on your display. The issues can be handled through optical bonding.

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Best Top Electronics Adhesive Glue Manufacturers In China

Optical bonding adhesive types

Different adhesives may be used in optical bonding applications. The most common adhesives are polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each helps you make the right decision for your application.


This is a common adhesive within optical bonding and has been a solution for many decades. The properties that silicone bears make it a good choice. It has low conductivity and lowers chemical reactivity. It is thermally stable and can repel water, helping to make some watertight seals.

Silicone is soft, making it a feasible option for bond reworks if they get damaged with time. The main issue with silicone is the formation of debris around its edges with regular handling. If you want to handle this, you must ensure that you cover the edges of the displays, so they are not exposed.


Epoxy can be used as a structural compound. It can create a rigid bond compared to silicone. This means the formation of debris is eliminated. This makes it superior to silicone, but epoxy cannot be reworked.


This is an adhesive that can be used to bond displays, especially in polar and avionic technology. The main issue with this optical bonding adhesive is that it yellows with time after exposure to light. Some consider this an obsolete option in optical applications.

Why is optical bonding needed

The main idea of using optical bonding adhesive is to ensure that display performance is greatly improved, even in outdoor environments. This is one of the best methods to eliminate air gaps between the display and the cover glass.

Adhesives offer an anti-reflective coating that is needed in bonding glass. The main issue with display readability within outdoor settings is display contrast, not brightness. Contrast is the black level to white level ratio. The contrast ratio of a display usually refers to the light intensity difference between the darkest black pixel and the brightest white pixel. Optical bonding is done to increase this contrast ratio. This is achieved by the reduction of reflected ambient light amount.


  • Using the best optical bonding adhesive comes with many benefits. One of them is increased ruggedness. Bonding a glass sheet on top of a display means better display ruggedness.
  • Durability: bonded displays can resist scratches, dirt, and stains much better
  • Condensation: air gaps between the display and the cover glass are eliminated, meaning there is no moisture penetration leading to surface fogging.
  • Better temperature range: with these adhesives, EMI filtering and temperature range are extended.
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