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How to Find the Perfect Waterproof Glue for Plastic?

How to Find the Perfect Waterproof Glue for Plastic?

Experts have argued that there is no such thing as a perfect Waterproof Glue for Plastic. While they have their reasons for seeing things the way they do, some others believe there could be glues that are perfect for plastic specific applications.

In this post, we will be scrutinizing both views so we can know which one to believe. For example, we will look at some of the variables that can determine the type of glue that can be used for plastics.

Reading through this piece carefully will help inform your choice on the type of waterproof glue you should be using for your plastic application.

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Variables That Affect Choice of Waterproof Glue

The best glue you can use for a particular plastic application will depend on the factors explained below;


Plastic Type

All plastics are not the same. Plastics have various categories even though they have the same general carbon structure. The different plastics possess different bonding abilities. A particular plastic may not bond well with a certain waterproof glue like another plastic would do.

This is why most manufacturers take time to assess plastics before settling for any adhesive. You must identify the type of plastic so you can match it with the right glue.

Even plastics in the same category may not bond the same way with a certain glue. For instance, PC, PCB, and other similar plastics may not possess the same bonding ability with a waterproof glue for plastic.

So, it is important to carry out necessary test required to identify a particular type of plastic. With proper identification, it will be easy to get a perfect glue for whatever plastic applications you are working on.


Surface Condition

This is also taken into consideration when searching for a waterproof glue for plastics. Surfaces can be in different states. A surface that looks all smooth is hard to bond. Contaminated surfaces do not bond easily as well.

The best surfaces in terms of bonding are the rough and clean ones. Once a waterproof glue for plastic is applied on such surfaces, you can expect a strong bond to be formed. This is why surface pre-treatment is often carried out in the electronics industry before the assembly process. The act helps to get rid of any contamination on the surface and create the necessary level of roughness that will enable the glue stick well.


Generic Adhesives

Some plastics can work with generic adhesive solutions, whereas others can only form reliable bonds when you use the right glue.

There are adhesives that can work to an extent on a large group of plastics. So, if you are using plastics that do not require special waterproof glue, you can stick with any of the numerous generic adhesive solutions.

While the generic waterproof glues may not be the most suitable for special plastics, they can be considered safe for such options.


Benefits of Waterproof Glue for Plastic


Suitable for Several Applications

Waterproof glue for plastic remains an excellent option for several applications. They are the best adhesives for fixing boats and fastening of metal hardware. In addition, they can be used for bonding different materials too.

So, if you are purchasing this type of glue, please note that it can be used for several other purposes. It is not limited to bonding plastics alone.


Resistance to UV Light

Waterproof glue for plastic is considered the best for plastics that are flexible because of their UV resistant property. If you expose their bonds to sunlight after application, they will not react with the UV light. That will help to ensure that the bond lasts long as expected.


Resistance to Heat

The structure of plastics is bound to change when they are subject to heat. Hence, it has become necessary for bonds used in plastic applications to possess heat resistant properties.

Waterproof glue for plastic has a way of not reacting to heat the way it should when faced with extreme temperatures. They have a thermal expansion rate that makes it possible for the bond to regain its shape after expansion and contraction.

Such glues are also resistant to extremely cold temperatures as characterized by various temperate regions.


Resistant to Water

As the name implies, waterproof glue for plastic possesses water resistant property that makes them fit for use in the most humid regions.

You can apply such glues in water-based environments. The waterproof nature of the glue makes it inert in the face of water. The bond formed remains strong even when it comes in contact with water. In other words, water has no effect on the bond formed. This glue is particularly good for items that cannot form a permanent bond with regular adhesives.


Curing Time

This has come as a surprise to many people. When you use a waterproof glue for plastic, the curing time is also affected.

Waterproof glues usually cure in a short period of time because they are meant to form bonds for plastics. They are not like some other glue types that take days to constitute permanent bonds.

Having said that, it will be unwise for you to start using a plastic right away after applying a waterproof glue. They need to set properly before you can use them. Otherwise, the bond can be compromised by stress and vibration.

Waterproof glues also ensure adequate tensile strength to provide the needed flexibility for the bond between two substrates.

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Final Words

We have been made to know that there may be nothing like a perfect waterproof glue for plastic. As explained in this post, what you consider as the best glue depends on a number of factors. The article also went further to reel out some of the benefits of using waterproof glues for plastics. Waterproof glues come with a lot of advantages that make them ideal for plastic applications. That is not all, because you can also use these glues for other applications. They can be applied on other materials too.

For more about choosing how to find the perfect waterproof glue for plastic, you can pay a visit to DeepMaterial at for more info.

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