Epoxy Resins for Semiconductor Packaging Assemblies

Resolve Moisure and Heat Challenges

The performance of a semiconductor depends greatly upon the strength of its packaging assembly. Without a durable, reliable and efficient packaging assembly, the semiconductor is susceptible to corrosion, heat, moisture and physical impact as well as weakened connections to external circuits.

To ensure the protection of the device, many semiconductor packaging assemblies are composed out of an industrial-strength epoxy compound that provides physical protection and mechanical strength as well as a number of desired performance properties based on the application or the physical location of the semiconductor in the finished device.

Epoxy resins are the main component of durable epoxy compounds used in semiconductor packaging assemblies. Therefore, the properties of the epoxy resins directly determine the performance and features of the final semiconductor packaging assembly. Naphthalene- and dicyclopentadiene-based epoxy resins are typically utilized in these packaging assemblies due to their exceptional performance in demanding applications. These epoxy resins are regarded as high-performance chemistries due to their high heat resistance, water resistance, ductility and bonding in demanding applications, such as semiconductor packaging, molding materials, electrical laminates and aerospace applications.

Moisture and heat are the primary concerns of epoxy compound formulators, as both can destroy the semiconductor, warp the finished device and even catch fire. While standard semiconductors feature aluminum heat sinks, the packaging assembly must be able to withstand excessive internal heat waste buildup and possibly even heat from the external environment. Semiconductor packaging assemblies must also be able to withstand moisture or risk destruction of the finished device.

The semiconductor packaging assembly requires immense durability and must be able to withstand a multitude of elements at the same time. DeepMaterial new multifunctional naphthalene-based epoxy resins and dicyclopentadiene-based epoxy resin from DeepMaterial Advanced Materials have been optimized for the development of semiconductor packaging with extremely high glass transition temperature and modulus as well as low melt viscosity, dielectric constant and moisture absorption.

Semiconductor packaging assemblies require immense durability to protect the finished device from heat, physical impact, warping, static electricity and moisture. Therefore, formulators of epoxy compounds for semiconductor packaging assemblies require epoxy resins that deliver multiple performance characteristics that are dependent upon the requirements of the application or location of the finished device.

DeepMaterial new epoxy resins solve multiple challenges of semiconductor packaging assemblies at the same time, making them ideal for applications that require toughness and flexibility. Industrial electronics and construction equipment, for example, must resist physical contact and years of heavy use. And they are also the most versatile, bringing an impressive number of performance capabilities, including low melt viscosity, low thermal expansion, low moisture absorption, good solubility and high adhesive strength. DeepMaterial is ideal for a number of applications, making it an all-around choice for durable and cost-effective semiconductor packaging assemblies.

The DeepMaterial all-new dicyclopentadiene-based epoxy resin, referred to as Epoxy Resin, is ideal for naval electronics, locations with high humidity, and for semiconductors that feature unusual electrical characteristics due to its low moisture absorption, low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor characteristics.

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