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Epoxy potting compound for PCB : the options and benefits

Epoxy potting compound for PCB : the options and benefits

PCBs or printed circuit boards have the most critical components in any electronics. They are the best if you want to protect the components from all sorts of damage. Two methods are used to protect the components. This is by conformal coating and PCB coating.

In both instances, organic polymers protect the electronic components and PCBs. There are differences and similarities between the two. Choosing an ideal one for your electronics is very important.

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PCB potting

This is a way of protecting circuit boards by filling the enclosure with encapsulating resin or potting compounds. The compound fills the housing of the device. In some cases, the whole circuit board is covered, plus all the components. There are some cases where you only need to pot-specific components only.

Pcb potting gives great abrasion resistance and heat protection. It also offers protection against chemicals and all sorts of environmental hazards.

The best potting compounds

There are different potting compounds that you can use. The materials include:

  • Epoxy is a durable and very common potting material used on PCBs. It offers the best chemical resistance as well as adhesion. It has many desirable features. One of the major disadvantages of this material is that it takes a very long to cure and set.
  • Polyurethane: This is a softer potting material that is more liable. It is one of the best options for protecting connectors and electronic components that cannot handle rigid materials. One of the things that stand out is its heat and moisture resistance. It is the best compared to other materials.
  • Silicone: this, is a flexible and durable potting compound that can be used in different applications. It is capable of handling very extreme temperatures. It has a high cost compared to other options, making it an impractical choice in some instances.

The usefulness of potting compounds

In electronic assembly, potting compounds are very important. They deliver high protection in all sorts of conditions. They also improve mechanical strength while still offering the best electric insulation. They are used in many industries and in consumer electronics.

This is a protective solution that can be made permanent and are a part of the unit throughout its useful life. There are many benefits associated with potting compounds, and include the following:

  • Electrical insulation
  • Heat dissipation
  • Enhanced mechanical strength
  • Shock and vibration resistance
  • Chemical protection
  • Corrosion protection
  • Environmental influences

In assembly and manufacturing, potting compounds are very important. They help solve a wide range of issues. These compounds are the best for moisture prevention. They also ensure no short circuits and chemical protection in assemblies that are a bit more complex. They are needed in many settings and situations, including concealing intellectual property.

At DeepMaterial, we have a wide range of products for potting purposes. The compounds are versatile and comprehensive to meet the different challenges present in a wide range of situations. The company works to meet the specifications and requirements of different clients.

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These products cannot be ignored. They are an integral part of electronics and different applications. By doing things right, the integrity of your device or application is never compromised in any way.

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